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All About Frankincense

There are a lot of oil companies out there…the numbers are growing really rapidly. But please, still do your research! Not all companies are willing to do the hard work, spend the money, and take the time to ensure safety, purity and potency.

Our company does.

Here is a note from one of the owners of our company on the lengths they go to to get us the very best Frankincense. Since I’m not allowed to say the company name, I have replaced that in the quote. If you want to get in on this though, I CAN tell you what company it is through email, so contact me!


I understand that some of you are seeking clarification regarding [our] frankincense source. This is a topic I have become extremely passionate about because of the difference we have made in the lives of the harvesters over the last year.
Prior to 2014, [we] touted having exclusivity from a particular producer of frankincense sourced from Oman. At that point in time, we partnered with a collector of frankincense who worked with a master distiller. He claimed the frankincense he offered was sourced from Oman, but we wanted to know for certain.
The historical frankincense profiles on record at the time we birthed [our company] made it difficult to clearly identify the exact species of frankincense because the properties of Boswellia frereana, carterii, and sacra all have similar components. There has never been defined clarity in this regard until recently, thanks to the work of Dr. Robert Pappas.
Because [we] are committed to working direct with our growers and distillers, we began researching to know where frankincense is grown and who is harvesting it. There are many claims, but in order to know for ourselves, it required a trip to Somalia against all travel warnings. What we discovered while we were there offered great opportunity to not only work directly with the harvesters of the precious frankincense tears but to also empower the people of an economically suppressed country.
We quickly learned that the majority of the world’s frankincense, particularly Boswellia frereana and carterii, is grown in Somalia. Oman produces a much lesser quantity of Boswellia sacra but very little frereana and carterii. For thousands of years, frereana and carterii tears have been transported by ship to Oman, but grown and harvested in Somalia.
Through careful analysis, we have identified that all three frankincense species are found in our oil with carterii being the main component and sacra present in very minimal amounts. This likely occurs during the tear grading process. The grade selection is imperative when it comes to the quality. We source grade 1 resin tears. It is the therapeutic chemical profile that makes [our] frankincense superior to any other frankincense in the marketplace, which has much to do with the grading process. Using lower grade tears that contain dust and debris would result in a lower quality oil that would offer less than optimal health benefits. Only the best for [our company]!
While we were in Somalia, we were blessed to meet with key government officials, particularly the Minister of Import/Export. We also met with tribal chiefs who represent the people from areas where the frankincense trees grow. Our goal was to return home with a contract that would permit us to not only ensure the supply chain of one of our most precious oils but to also offer a better life for the harvesters of frankincense. Our hearts were filled with gratitude as our commitment to these beautiful people was accepted and an agreement was formed.
[We are] now working direct with frankincense harvesters in Somaliland and Puntland. No longer do we have to work through a 3rd party. This year, we paid the harvesters 4.5 X the highest price they have ever been compensated for their labor. I received an email last week from one of the tribal chiefs we met with. He said their country has been blessed since our visit, and his people received more money for their labor this year than they have made in their lifetime. My heart soared!
We began building a school for the children of harvesters in Somaliland this month. They live in a very rural area. The school will have flushing toilets and running water and will even teach English. Completion is scheduled for Spring 2015! This is the first of many projects we will do for the Somalian people who provide us with such a vital essential oil. I can’t imagine my life without frankincense.
As you can see, knowledge brings power. The knowledge of the true source of frankincense has allowed us to empower many lives…those who benefit from the sacred oil of the ancients as well as those who harvest and protect these majestic trees. I love the good [we are] creating all over the world…and we’re just getting warmed up. =)

***NOTE*** this is the same oil we have always been selling – we just now have more clarity about it, and are working directly with the growers, rather than through a 3rd party.”


Want to know what to use Frankincense for? It’s one of my favorites for healthy, youthful skin, and it also enhances the benefits of all the other oils. Frankincense effects many, many systems of the body and also has a profound beneficial effect on the brain. It’s soothing and beautifying properties are used to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to promote cellular health and a strong immune system and can be consumed daily for these internal benefits. It also promotes a healthy inflammatory response and acts as an overall tonic to the body’s systems, helping them function optimally.
It is now known that essential oils such as Frankincense and Sandalwood contain compounds called sesquiterpenes which are able to cross the blood brain barrier. Frankincense is a good preventative for overall health. Often it has been said, “When in doubt, use Frankincense”. It is renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils.

Primary Benefits
  • Supports healthy cellular function*
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

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