Soothing Ear Discomfort with Essential Oils

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Ear Discomfort? This is the BEST!

I get so many questions about how to soothe ear discomfort, so here ya go! This is my go-to solution that has worked every time for us, within minutes!!

  1. Apply diluted Melaleuca around the ear, behind the ear, and on the outer part of the inner ear (never drop essential oils directly into the ear)

  2. Next, put a drop or two of Basil essential oil on a cotton ball and nestle it inside the ear. You can tape/bandaid it in place of need be. The Basil will help with the discomfort, and the Melaleuca will help with what’s causing the discomfort. (Trying to keep this as compliant as possible. It’s a fun word game sometimes 😉) Cheers to healthy, happy kids!
That’s it!

Super easy, quick, and effective. We use essential oils for absolutely everything in our home, and for the past 3 years, we have never looked back. Do you want to be empowered to care for your family’s health needs the way I have been? Don’t be shy! Educating and empowering others is my passion and my delight.

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