The Immune Boosting Bomb

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Going to need this Immune Boosting Bomb today.

Woke up to the smell of vomit coming from my little honey’s room. Ugh!! You can mix these oils in a roller for your children, or put them in an empty gel cap for yourself.

Internal use*:

2 drops each in an empty gel cap:

  • Melaleuca
  • Lemon
  • Oregano
  • Protective Blend
  • Frankincense

Take 1 pill about 3x per day when you’re really wanting give your immune system a mega boost.

Roller for kids: In a 10 ml roller – 5 drops each of the same oils, top with FCO. (Fractionated Coconut Oil). Apply to the bottoms of feet as often as you remember when threats are high.

Note: Do not use Oregano for more that 10 consecutive days. 

*Follow ALL label warnings and instructions.

With my chosen company, these oils ARE safe for internal consumption (and have a nutrition facts label to make it easy to tell). MANY, MANY companies’ oils are NOT, and could cause serious harm if ingested. This is because they contain contaminants and fillers, and can be very toxic for your body. I would hate for you to think you were doing your body good, and instead be harming it. My family’s health is way too important to me to risk this! Just remember, you get what you pay for. That extra price goes toward proper sourcing, harvesting, distilling, and TONS of testing.

This is SO near and dear to my heart, you guys.

It’s at the very core of all of this essential oil goodness for me. I see so many people try “essential oils” only to be very disappointed in their efficacy. Let me be clear — they weren’t using real essential oils, or they were using very altered or diluted ones. These oils DO work, but they HAVE to be pure.


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