Pollen Relief

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  So {grateful} for these oils today. The wind was whipping up stuff left and right, making me a sneezing, sniffling machine…until I turned this diffuser blend on. Blessed relief within just a few minutes. You know I had this … Continued

Spiced Peach Cake

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Summer seems to be here, and with it, a lot less time in the kitchen (and on the computer, hence the super delayed post. Sorry!) My days have been full of hikes, bike rides, walks, and basically anything I can … Continued

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

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This cake is one of those “don’t make very often” cakes because it’s close to impossible to resist eating the whole thing. When I made it, I kept about 3 pieces in the house, and quickly gave the rest away. Of … Continued

Coconut Banana Bread

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Bananas and coconut are such a perfect pair. They go together like brownies and ice cream, like peanut butter and chocolate, like strawberries and shortcake. Bananas and coconut are both very tropical flavors, and this recipe reminds me of Maui… … Continued

Egg Rolls

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These egg rolls were so fun to make. My husband and I made a date out of rolling these up, and I have to say, cooking dates are the best 🙂 It’s hard to beat the crunchy, savory, filling wholesomeness … Continued

Quinoa Patties

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My sister introduced me to this recipe one day in early spring. We sat on her lawn, enjoying the budding green grass, the sunshine that you could feel if you focused hard enough on it, and devouring these beauties with … Continued

Turkey Meatloaf

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I’m not usually a meatloaf kind of girl. The meatloaf I’ve had in the past has been extremely greasy, covered mostly in sugar (in the form of ketchup), and just not that flavorful. Plus, who wants to eat something called … Continued

Turkey Meatballs

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Muscle Chow. That’s the name of my husband’s new favorite cookbook (that I quickly commandeered!) And let me tell you, it is FABULOUS! So many healthy, high protein meals with no lack of flavor or blah factor. Every recipe we’ve … Continued

Chicken Fajitas

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Fajitas have got to be one of the best meals invented. I have found no one who dislikes them, and they are chock full of veggies and lean protein. Below is my quick and simple rendition of the favorite: Recipe … Continued

Honey Mustard Chicken

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This is my husband’s favorite recipe. Bar none. He hardly ever requests a recipe, but this one and banana protein pancakes are the exception. This chicken is simply divine. It’s tender and juicy, with deep, earthy and warm spices. It’s perfect on cold winter … Continued

Baked Chicken Taquitos

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There are so many wonderful things about this recipe. First off, let me just start by saying that homemade taquitos are at least ten times better than their store bought counterparts, even after freezing and reheating. Second, you know exactly … Continued

Irish Stew

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Happy *almost* St. Patty’s Day everyone! I think some Irish food is in order. As I was mulling this recipe over, my husband came up and asked what kind of veggies were in the stew. When I told him it was just … Continued

Banana Protein Pancakes

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I’ve really been enjoying breakfasts lately. Between omelets, granola, and now these pancakes, the first meal of the day is turning into my favorite meal of the day! These babies are packed with whole grains and lots of protein (around 15 grams … Continued

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

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Essential oils for pregnancy: So many people have questions about what oils they can or can’t use during pregnancy, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can use Doterra’s oils with confidence and ease during pregnancy. There are differing … Continued

6 Drop Diffuser Blends

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Running low on diffuser recipe ideas? Try these out! From energy to sleep, motivation to calm, immune boosting to breathing easy, I’ve got you covered.   6 Drop Diffuser Blends   Don’t have oils yet? No problem. Check out how to … Continued

Breathe Easy Roller Blend

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This doTERRA essential oil blend smells incredible, and is so effective at opening airways for both adult and little lungs!       For adults: 3-5 drops each doTERRA LIME, FRANKINCENSE, and BREATHE in a 10 ml roller, topped with FCO. … Continued

Fall Diffuser Blends

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Fall is in the air! Mornings are chilly, leaves are starting to fall, there is a slight bite to the breeze. Snuggle up and watch the leaves fall with one of these delightful diffuser blends and a cup of your … Continued

Buttermilk Ginger Cake

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I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking on this post. My mouth is watering just thinking about this Buttermilk Ginger cake! Moist, tender, not too sweet, delicately flavored cake, topped with tiny pieces of crystallized ginger. Yum. … Continued

Chicken Gyros

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I’ve always had this certain sort of fascination for chicken gyros. For some reason I have always thought of them as delicious, even though I can remember the first time I had one at a restaurant, and I wasn’t entirely impressed. … Continued

Spinach Pie

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This is a long time family favorite recipe.  When a friend asked me to post a super quick, healthy breakfast recipe, this one came instantly to mind. (I love requests, by the way! If you have one, please let me … Continued

Chicken Chili

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Chicken Chili post from 2012! The recipe migration continues… Evan and I are still a bit sick. I don’t know what bug we caught, but it’s not one worth catching, just in case you were trying to attempt it. 🙂 Our … Continued

Pumpkin Granola

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Several friends and I used do a food exchange, and when it was my turn, I whipped up a huge batch of this sweet, crunchy, totally yummy and addicting granola. I should have made an even bigger batch, because I … Continued

Beef Teriyaki Noodles

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My husband and I like chopsticks. A lot. We like chopsticks so much, in fact, that we have been known to eat things with them that you would normally eat with a fork… like cheesecake, for instance. You eat yours … Continued

Curry Cashew Chicken

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I’ve recently become aware of something: I post a lot of recipes about chicken. That’s because we eat a lot of chicken. It’s cheap(er), very versatile, and I LOVE it! However, in an effort to diversify our diet, as well as … Continued

Cilantro Lime Coconut Chicken

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This Cilantro Lime Coconut Chicken is a party in your mouth. A crazy party, with complex twists, explosions, and “Ahhh” moments.  I mean seriously — cilantro, lime, and coconut?? Yes. Please and thank you. I’ve been on a major cilantro and lime … Continued

Brain Power Diffuser Blend

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Brain Power Diffuser Blend! This is an amazing diffuser blend for during school, homework, or any time you need a little extra brain and focus boost!  Rosemary Benefits: Supports healthy digestion* Supports healthy respiratory function* Helps reduce nervous tension and … Continued

Bath Time Bliss

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I made this on a day that the kiddos played through nap time, and were in need of some soothing support. Bath time is always a hit, especially when they can “season” their bath with sprinkles of Lavender + Wild … Continued

Building Your Immune System

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Building up your immune system is process. Eating well, taking a high quality supplement (because much of the nutrition has been breed out of our food), getting the rest we need and reducing our stress levels and toxic load all … Continued

All About Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon essential oil is a wonderful natural detoxification oil – great oil to drink in your water* every day! (This is different than drinking lemon juice as the essential oils comes from the rind.) What an easy … Continued

All About Oregano Essential Oil

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Oregano Essential Oil: One of the most powerful oils, Oregano essential oil has been used for centuries for its cleansing and immune-boosting properties. The primary chemical components of Oregano are carvacol and thymol, both in the phenols group, which possess … Continued

Calm Those Baby Tummies

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Lavender and Digestive Blend – calm those baby tummies!  These two oils are my favorite go-to’s when my littles have tummy troubles. Just a few swipes of diluted Digestive Blend and Lavender on their little bellies, and they are visibly … Continued

The Grounding Blend

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I wanted to tell you a little bit about one of my very favorite oil blends today – GROUNDING BLEND! Goodness, where would I be without this blend? Woodsy, warm, grounding, refreshing, calming, soothing…this blend is great for absolutely everyone. … Continued

The Best Frankincense

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All About Frankincense There are a lot of oil companies out there…the numbers are growing really rapidly. But please, still do your research! Not all companies are willing to do the hard work, spend the money, and take the time to … Continued

Whipped Body Butter

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You don’t need to look any further for the most PERFECT Whipped Body Butter recipe. This is it. Truly. I’m amazed.   No, truly, I’m amazed. This was my first attempt at making up my own recipe, and of all … Continued

Using Essential Oils Topically

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Using essential oils topically is a very powerful method. Essential oils can be safely applied for massage or topical therapy. Their chemical structure enables them to pass through skin for an immediate systemic response.  Favorite places to apply: Bottoms of … Continued

Why Diffuse?

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Diffusing essential oils has many health benefits. I love to diffuse essential oils in my home almost all the time. There are many reasons you should too! I’ve listed some of my favorites below: When we want to boost our … Continued

DIY Dry Shampoo

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Dry Shampoo is one of those things that’s so easy to make, you wonder why you never thought about making it before. It’s really so simple, I had to triple check the recipe to make sure I hadn’t missed something … Continued