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Diffusing essential oils has many health benefits.

I love to diffuse essential oils in my home almost all the time. There are many reasons you should too! I’ve listed some of my favorites below:

When we want to boost our immune systems and clean the air. 

Because many essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, diffusing them is a very effective way to clean up the air. The fewer germs we breathe in, the healthier we are! This comes in really handy when a cold or flu is making its way through my family, and I want to protect those who aren’t yet sick, or when we have sick visitors and want to boost our own immune systems.

When I want to lift the mood

There is a direct sensor from our nose to our brains (called the limbic system), which directly effects our moods. When we smell something pleasant, it sends a positive message to our brains, and we feel better! I’m sure you’ve already experienced this by walking into a home that smells of chocolate chip cookies or apple pie!

When I want to support healthy breathing and respiratory function.

This is a life saver when battling congestion, or when seasonal threats are high. I diffuse a respiratory blend that helps maintain clear airways and breathing, and supports overall respiratory health. Another favorite for this is lemon, peppermint or lavender essential oils. 

When I want to make my home smell amazing…

…without all the nasty synthetic scents found in most candles, air fresheners, etc., many of which are very toxic. Have you ever lit a candle and gotten a headache? Or felt a little nauseated by the strong smell of air fresheners or fabric softeners? That’s the toxic synthetic scents. I try to avoid them entirely, but still like my home to smell clean, fresh, and have a pleasant atmosphere. With essential oils, I totally can!  

Some of my very favorite oils to diffuse are protective blend, respiratory blend, lemon, peppermint+wild orange, and a few others depending on the desired effect. 

What’s in your diffuser today?