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Do you have a passion for helping other people? Is your current job not providing enough income or an opportunity for growth? Do you have this gut feeling that you were made for so much more – that your life’s work didn’t have to be soul sucking, but could actually feed your soul, while nourishing those around you and boosting your financial influence? 

Or are you a stay-at-home mom, and while you LOVE your children, you have a desire to flex a little bit different part of your brain and contribute to your family finances, all while working from home around your children’s schedules?

Then join me and my team!

I love my work. Learning to serve deeply, offer options and solutions to people in need, both physically and financially, and see success! I am so passionate about equipping people with natural wellness, but even more passionate about mentoring new leaders along who want to grow themselves and their businesses.
Those numbers are the real deal (below). Monthly averages as reported to the IRS (see official income disclosure here). We pay out almost TWICE as much on our top levels as any other company. And the levels don’t stop on this sheet…there is literally no cap to the income YOU can create with this business.
What does it take? Well, consistency, a heart for serving and loving others, patience, and dedication. The steps are simple, and anyone can do this!! If this speaks to you at all, we need to talk! I am always looking for dedicated individuals to pour my time, energy, and knowledge into. 

  • Financial freedom: what if you didn’t have to worry about retirement, or sending your kids to college, or buying them their first car. What if you didn’t stress about the budget, pinching pennies at the grocery store, or feeling guilty about eating out? What if you could go get a massage or manicure just because? What if you could book that dream vacation…multiple locations in one year? What if you could not only afford to live the lifestyle you dream of, but could give generously to worthy causes close to your heart? What if you had the freedom to make unlimited income, working part time hours?


  • Time freedom: the freedom to set your OWN schedule. What if no one was telling you when to show up or when you could leave, what days you can take off, or what holidays you had to work? What if you had the flexibility to stay home with your little ones and soak up those short years when they need you the most, never missing a game, play or recital?


  • Location freedom: the freedom to work from anywhere – home, coffee shop, the beach, etc.


  • The freedom to make a difference: what if your job was solely focused on enhancing people’s lives, giving them hope, options and incredible power? What if your work was so valued, people wrote you thank you letters, telling you how much you had changed their lives?

I LOVE my job! It makes me so excited to wake up and do more, learn more, care more, share more. Lives are being changed, health is being improved, financial futures are looking brighter, all because I got to say YES to this being my job.ffb2b3958a3535eb21763b206e060588


Want to join me? Fill out this form below and let’s get you started!

**Please note: this program is for people who do not yet have their doTERRA wholesale membership.


Work with me

Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors r


I was the biggest skeptic when it came to essential oils.

People talked about boosting immune systems effectively simply by putting certain oils on the bottom of their kids’ feet every night, and inside, I laughed at their ridiculousness. Really? Feet? An “oil” thing?
Oh, how grateful I am that people didn’t give up on me! That they continued to share their knowledge, their passion, their success. I WAS pretty curious, as I kept hearing success after success, people from every corner starting to rave about this thing called doTERRA. Then I went to a class where I heard some real science, and had my first VERY positive experience with the oils in my life.
That was it. It was like my heart knew there had to be a better way, and that I had finally found it. I ditched my skepticism as these oils proved themselves again and again in our home. Soon I had every oil, the vitamins, the personal care products, and I was IN LOVE!!

I was empowered, I had options, I had success!

But I still wasn’t sharing them. I didn’t want to be “that” person. So I kept my mouth shut, selfishly, out of fear of what people might think, as my friends told me of health concerns that I had solutions for! Once I woke up to just how awful this behavior was, and learned to get over myself and just care for PEOPLE, no matter what they thought of me, I opened myself up to incredible blessings!

These oils were way better than I imagined they would be, and so is this business. If you want to fast track your personal development, grow not only as a professional, but as a human, all while creating incredible financial freedom for your family, don’t wait anymore.
STEP OUT of your comfort zone!

Miracles happen once you do 💕