Breathe Easy Roller Blend

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This doTERRA essential oil blend smells incredible, and is so effective at opening airways for both adult and little lungs!





For adults: 3-5 drops each doTERRA LIME, FRANKINCENSE, and BREATHE in a 10 ml roller, topped with FCO.

For infants: 1 drop each, topped with FCO.

For children: 2 drops each, topped with FCO. Also amazing in the diffuser! 2-3 drops each. Enjoy!



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  1. oilpoweredmom

    Hi Tiffany! I would apply this to their feet, chest, and spine. Any citrus oil can make our skin more sensitive to the sun, so if your little one will have sun exposure 12 hours after applying this, make sure that skin is covered. Good luck!

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