Essential Oils for Pregnancy

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Essential oils for pregnancy: So many people have questions about what oils they can or can’t use during pregnancy, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can use Doterra’s oils with confidence and ease during pregnancy.

There are differing opinions regarding essential oil use and safety during pregnancy as well as nursing. It is common to find warnings everywhere about which oils one should and should not use during pregnancy. The most commonly expressed concern is over the topical and internal use of essential oils.

When using essential oils that are laden with impurities there is a legitimate threat posed to a developing baby. However, if the user has ensured that they are using only pure, unadulterated essential oils, many of those concerns become unwarranted. It is recommended a pregnant woman be under the care of a physician and/or midwife and consult with them prior to taking/using new products.
Here are a few safety guidelines to use when selecting wheels for use during pregnancy:

  1. Used truly therapeutic, superior grade essential oils that are certified as pure, potent, genuine, and authentic, and subject to rigorous testing to ensure no harmful ingredients are present. Many products on the market contain synthetic components/ingredients and are to be avoided altogether. You can rest assured that doTERRA oils are the most tested, most trusted on the market.
  2.  Be aware. When using pure potent oils, be aware what they might do before using them. When using more powerful oils, use small amounts and dilute with a carrier oil.
  3. Be a wise steward. The first three months are the time baby develops rapidly. Simply be more cautious during the first trimester.
  4. Pay attention to how the body responds to dosages. If body weight increases, there may be a need to increase dosage accordingly. OR use less due to heightened sensitivity. Once again pay attention to the bodies responses. Consider using oils diluted (especially if particularly strong or “hot”). The bottoms of the feet are in excellent, conservative replication location. Another option is to do a patch test concerned. Simply apply a single drop on skin and observe results prior to use.
  5. Use oils aromatically as a safe method during pregnancy. They are excellent for boosting mood and energy and creating an uplifting environment. They also support stress and tension reduction and promote a good nights sleep.
  6. Consider the source of testing. When it comes to trying to decipher facts regarding essential oils used during pregnancy and nursing, human studies are not conducted. Rather animal studies, mainly on rats, are the source of the majority of information. During the studies, inordinately high doses of essential oils are injected at levels that exceed human consumption and fail to duplicate the human experience. Frankly, no human would consume or use these quantities nor do they inject them as a form of use.
  7. Err on the side of safety. Use prudence, dilute, and avoid anything that simply doesn’t feel right. No one knows your body the way you do. 💕


I love what Stephanie Fritz wrote on her blog concerning this subject of safety:

You will find warnings everywhere about which oils you should and should not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These previously were very valid concerns because of the impurities that were so prevalent in the oils available and the threat that they posed in pregnancy, but now that we enjoy the purity of oils that we have with dōTERRA it is no longer an issue.

It is dōTERRA’s sourcing and commitment to pure oils that makes them safe.  Toxic oils are either harvested from the wrong species of plant, not distilled properly, harvested at the wrong season, tampered with, chemicals and fillers added and other such things.  This is the very reason we can use dōTERRA oils safely, because of their care and commitment to pure safe oils.

You may see mixed information out there in different books about oils and their safety in pregnancy and with your newborn. Please understand these books were written with all oil users in mind. They will be ultra conservative because their readers may not necessarily be dōTERRA users. The information I give in my book comes from personal experience in my midwifery practice.

dōTERRA has set a standard that reassures us we can use doTERRA oils with confidence in pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is heightened sensitivity so we might use a little less of the oils but they can be used very effectively. In pregnancy, we are very protective about what we put into our body. We should have confidence in the oils through pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Clary Sage is relaxing, calming and soothing. In general, women should not use it during pregnancy unless they have a lot of experience with the oils, simply because there are so many oils that can accomplish the same thing that maybe aren’t quite as aggressive as that one is.

Peppermint is a caution only for lactating moms, but only a minor caution, it “may” decrease milk supply for some. Other than that, oils are very well founded for pregnancy.

Dr Hill, chief medical officer for doTERRA, also endorses and recommends using doTERRA oils during pregnancy.

So how to use them? Here are a few ideas, but if you’re wanting to go deeper, be sure to reach out and ask questions. I want every mama to feel empowered and equipped through their pregnancies and beyond.


So many of us have experienced the pain of not being able to conceive a child. This blend is incredibly helpful for nourishing your body and balancing your hormones to enhance fertility.
12 drops Clary Sage
10 drops Fennel
7 drops Geranium
8 drops Lavender
8 drops Bergamot
Bonus: 3 drops rose if available

Combine oils in a 10 mL roller bottle; fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to lower abdomen twice daily, targeting ovary and uterus areas.


First things first – we’ve gotta nourish our bodies from the inside! These vitamins are the BEST prenatal around. Every person I have talked to has confirmed this. In fact, a friend of mine took them during her entire pregnancy, and when the baby was born, the assistant midwife was amazed at how healthy of a placenta she had. The head midwife looked over and said, “oh, yeah. That’s a doTERRA placenta.” 🙌🏼😊
Every person should be taking these vitamins, but especially those who are pregnant. They are bioavailable nutrients that your body will actually absorb. They are in the proper amounts so that you’re not under-nourishing or overloading your body.

What an incredible gift we can give our children – to be supplying them with incredible nutrition as all of their cells are formed!

Talk with your doctor or midwife – they may have you add extra folate, as your need during pregnancy is greater than at other times. If you are trying to conceive, extra folate is also a must!


Pregnancy fatigue – oh mama! Aromatherapy can be hugely supportive in boosting energy levels. Any of these as singles or as a combination, in the diffuser or behind the ears, is heaven! Here are a couple combos for you to try:
•Peppermint + Wild Orange
•Elevation + Citrus Bliss
•Citrus Bliss + Grapefruit
•Cypress + Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange

Some newer oils that help me a ton as well are Motivate + Cheer.


The dreaded pregnancy veins 😱 But seriously, they can be very painful and make us a bit self-conscious. They oils help increase blood flow, and soothe the discomfort you might be feeling. To use, dilute and apply along the veins that are giving you trouble.



Some gentle, beautifully soothing solutions for head tension during pregnancy!

✨For the worst kind of head tension (I’m talking blurred vision, wanting to throw up, etc) apply a drop of Frankincense to your thumb and massage into the roof of your mouth. Also, apply diluted Peppermint to the temples and down the back of the neck. AromaTouch may provide additional relief.

For less extreme head tension, applying diluted peppermint and/or Lavender to the temples, across the forehead, or down the back of the neck can be very helpful. Again, some find AromaTouch blend to provide blessed soothing relief as well.

Make sure you are drinking enough water, and check your pillow to ensure that your neck isn’t proper up too high, adding pressure to the base of your neck.

Diffusing these oils, as well as any that smell soothing and appealing to you will help. Sometimes we are just stressed, so emotional support blends may be what you need 💕


Oh that first trimester. Anyone else?! It always wrecked me. There are daily habits that can help, such as eating a few bites of banana or cracker before sitting up in the morning, and eating small, frequent meals, but oils can be an incredible tool to add to your regimen.
I can remember sautéing a skillet full of elk when pregnant with my second, holding my bottle of peppermint RIGHT under my nose – it was the only thing that saved me from hurling. Elk just hasn’t sounded good since 😂 But seriously, peppermint. It’s a lifesaver.
Other oils that work well for some women are ginger, lavender, and of course, Digest Zen. All of these oils may be applied to the bottoms of the feet. Some women find it most helpful to apply behind the ears. I was peppermint (diluted) all the way – behind my ears, under my nose, on my tongue – you name it. I can’t stress enough that every woman, and every pregnancy for that matter, is different. Try these out and see what works for YOU.
Note: Some women may want to stop using peppermint topically after delivery as it MAY decrease milk supply. Aromatic use is still a-ok for milk supply though! I personally could continue using it topically with no adverse effect to supply – every woman is different!!

So what do you think? Have I convinced you? If you would like to incorporate these oils into your home, contact me or check out my GET STARTED guide. I’d love to support you as you learn and grow in your naturally healthy lifestyle.

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