Essential oil quality, purity and potency

Not all oils are created equal. There are many companies out there that are not honest in their claims. I have a bottle of lemon oil (from before I found the good stuff!), that says 100% pure, but has a warning to not even apply topically! Big red flag there. Some companies use very poor ingredients, dilute without disclosing the fact, or, worst of all, use toxic synthetic fillers to cut costs, all without disclosing it to the customer.

In order for essential oils to be the powerful health and wellness tool that they can be, a few things MUST be in place.

Sourcing Matters

It’s so important that my oils are sourced from all over the world, with the highest quality ingredients, coming from their native climate and habitat. Just like in cooking, the best cook in the world can only do so much with sub-par ingredients. Our Lavender comes from the highest altitudes in France, our Lemon and Bergamot oil from Italy, our Frankincense oil from Somalia and Oman, and our Peppermint from right here in the good ol USA in Washington, to name a few.doterra-essential-oil-sourcing

My chosen company works hard to not only get the best possible ingredients, but to change lives by working closely with the growers and distillers, many times cutting out the middle man, to ensure not only the highest quality and purity of essential oil, but also ethical practices and fair payment in installments to those who actually do the growing of our ingredients, so they can feed their families not only at the end of growing season, but all year long. They are making a huge impact in impoverished countries, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Stringent 3rd Party Testing

All of these oils go through stringent 3rd party testing to ensure quality, potency and purity. If a single chemical constituent is out of place, or if there is any contaminant present, the entire batch gets tossed out. I have chosen a company that is committed to bringing us the highest quality grade of essential oil possible. I know these oils can be trusted to use on those I love most, and that every.single.drop will be the same, super high quality, purity and potency that I have come to expect.

 These oils are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade:

  • Pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants
  • Free from fillers or artificial ingredients; no dilution of active qualities
  • Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues
  • Rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition
  • Cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure exact purity and composition potency
  • Sourced by a global network of leading essential oil chemists and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were carefully harvested at the right time


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