My oil story



My own natural wellness journey dates back to using lavender in our kitchen while growing up, but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I really started to evaluate everything in our home. I became much more aware of the things that we were putting in, on and around our bodies. I was staring into the face of my darling little angel (now a 7 year old), wanting to keep him as perfect and unspoiled as possible.

I was terrified with what I was reading about certain “normal” options for taking care of him – everything from the awful chemicals they put in baby shampoo and lotions, to the artificial dyes, flavorings, and sweeteners they put in baby medication (not to mention the metal shards they found in a recent batch of baby painkillers.) When he started teething, I knew I wanted a more natural option. I tried several different essential oil brands, but none of them worked.

And that’s our fear right? I think most people want natural health solutions, but most of the time they just don’t deliver. Did you know that there is no regulation on the essential oil industry? The bottle can say whatever it wants. That’s why the first couple brands I tried did not live up to their claims.

I haven’t always been Oil Powered. In fact, when I first heard about using essential oils for health purposes, I thought “those people” were nuts. When my sister-in-law told me that she put On Guard on her son’s feet every night to boost his immune system, and that he stayed healthy, I thought, “Um…right. Want us to dance around a fire and chant too? And what’s up with putting oils on the FEET?”
However, the idea WAS pretty appealing, so about a year later, when my son was teething, I decided to try the oily remedy for teething discomfort: Clove. I zipped on over to the health food store and picked up a generic bottle that said it was 100% pure Clove oil, and went home to dilute and apply it to his sore gums, hoping I would be able to help him naturally.
Well, it didn’t work. Not at all. I have always been open to natural solutions, and was pretty bummed that this one hadn’t helped. So to the normal route we went. However, I knew in my heart there had to be a natural, EFFECTIVE way to help him with this.
So I decided it was time to give the natural route another go. I bit the bullet and ordered some doTERRA clove oil, aka: the “expensive stuff”. And ya know what? It actually worked (because it was ACTUALLY pure – read more about different oil qualities here!) My son would come running up to me with his mouth open so I could massage his gums with some of this stuff. And ya know what else? I STILL have that same $14 bottle of clove oil – even after both my children have gone through teething, AND after making teething oil blends for many other moms. The “expensive stuff” turned out to be just pennies per dose (less than a penny per dose in this case!), and way more effective than “normal” options.
That really peaked my interest. If this one certified pure essential oil worked, maybe I should try some of the others! Now, years later, I don’t go a single day without using multiple high-quality doTERRA essential oil products in my home. They have changed the way we care for ourselves. They have changed our finances, both in saving us money and in boosting our income. They have empowered me to care for my family with confidence and success. They have made me an Oil Powered Mom.

Now, I’m on a mission to get these incredible tools into every home, one precious family at a time. Get equipped and connected to our global community here.

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